TEDxBeirut Main Events

TEDxBeirut main event is a full-day conference that takes place in Beirut.
It presents around 20 speakers and performers curated from thought leaders in the
Middle East and abroad, as well as grassroots speakers sharing their inspiring stories.

TEDxBeirut I


TEDxBeirut II


TEDxBeirut III


At TEDxBeirut salons, we screen TED and TEDxBeirut pre-recorded talks,
have live speakers and performers, and invite the audience to reflect upon
what they have seen and heard.

TEDxBeirutSalon 9

We had an inspired salon mixing language and art at Sfeir-Semler Gallery on Wednesday, June 11.

The running exhibition by Mounira El Solh’s All Mother Tongues Are Difficult became part of…


TEDxbeirutSalon 8

Set in a wonderful arts education and presentation space, this salon tried to challenge our audience’s perspective about Art and Design…


TEDxBeirutSalon 7

A change in perspective is often transformative. Especially in a country that needs this most…

TEDxBeirutSalon 6

Drawing on the theme of Everyday Heroes, our salon raised to the light the subjects of compassion…


TEDxBeirutSalon 5

Together, we looked past limits and made TEDxBeirutSalon in Tripoli a super success, against all odds…


TEDxBeirutSalon 4

Inspired by TEDxBeirut 2011 theme “From Limitation to Inspiration”, TEDxBeirutSalon 4 took it one step further into Action…

TEDxBeirutSalon 3

TEDxBeirutSalon v3.0 was a dynamic gathering of 400 professionals, contributors, corporate representatives, and executives…


TEDxBeirutSalon 2

The 2nd TEDxBeirutSalon, at the Olayan School of Business at AUB, gathered 260 community members in a venue that seats 225…


TEDxBeirutSalon 1

The lovely 1st TEDxBeirutSalon, at LAU Beirut, gathered 160 community members in a venue that seats 150…

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