All The Talks You've Seen Live Now Released To The World

We’re excited to share all 15 talks from TEDxBeirut 2014. We hope that these talks help you discover change initiatives around you, and that you use them to inspire hope and action in others. We set out to show stories of real change makers. We’re humbled by the courage of our speakers, and by your support and reception for their stories. Stay inspired!

TEDxBeirut 2014 The Full Day Trailer

Re-live the day Change-Makers came together for TEDxBeirut 2014 “Changing Lenses”.
Over 1200 people gathered on Saturday September 27, 2014 at the lush green campus of USEK to spend a laid-back day with local change makers.
With 15 speakers from artists and designers, to entrepreneurs, activists and many more, TEDxBeirut set out to show just how much change is already set in motion by heroes we don’t often hear about. It’s time to shift perspectives and put the focus back where it deserves to be, with Change-Makers . It’s time for TEDxBeirut.

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Thank you for joining us on this dream day come true!

We set out to show a different kind of Lebanon on September 27, 2014. A Lebanon where #ChangeMakers can come together, exchange ideas, and inspire even more change. We wanted this day to be about the change you could be in your own life. And together we’ve made that happen!
For our team of volunteers, this day was a year-long project in the making, and everything you saw was made possible by over 70 volunteers and organizers who believe in making this day come true.
As for our 15 speakers, their stories of change go even further back, some even taking a lifetime to meet you.
So we hope you had the chance to meet our speakers and our team in the breaks and enjoy the green spaces. We also hope you were able to discover all the exciting activities and projects that went on in our social spaces.





The First Talk In Arabic Posted On The Official TED.com Website

“I’m denied the right to speak my language in my own country”

من لبنان وتيد أكس بيروت إلى العالم، أول حديث باللغة العربية يعرض على الموقع العالمي الرسمي
سوزان تلحوق: مين قال إذا حكينا عربي منبطل كول؟

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