Dr. Farid Younes: Why I stopped looking for answers

Architect and Thinker
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Dr. Farid Younes earned his Ph.D. in Environmental Design at University of Montreal, Canada, in 1997. He held the Chairmanship position of the Architecture Department at NDU from 1999 to 2005. Currently, he is an Associate Professor teaching History, Theory, Architectural Design, and researching Philosophy, Sacred Architecture, Methodologies, Cultural Issues in Design.
He served as a member of the Editorial Board in Palma Journal, and a Member of the Technical Committee in the “City Street International Conference” in 2009, as well as a member of many national juries. Dr. Younes lectured in many universities and conferences and published a wide range of articles and papers.

He is currently writing a book entitled: The Fallacy of Architectural Discourse: an Idealistic Nihilism, in an attempt to expose the major schools of thought in architecture in relation to their inspiring philosophical ones.

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