Thank you to everyone who attended TEDxBeirutSalon 8!

Set in a wonderful arts education and presentation space, this salon tried to challenge our audience’s perspective about Art and Design and their power to transform common scenes from everyday life.
With 4 TED Talks screened around Art, a couple of interactive activities building on the talks, and 2 live speakers sharing their design work in upcycling and recycling common material, there’s an abundance of ideas in this salon that pushed the envelope of what’s possible.
The salon was also followed by a generous reception for our audience to mingle and network around drinks & snacks and to check out the recycled and upcycled material exhibited at the space by our speakers.

Here’s a recap of our program for the evening: – Live Speakers: George Ghafary from Chreek [], and Ziad Abi Chaker [] – Pre-recorded TED talks we watched at TEDxBeirutSalon 8:
1. Quixotic Fusion: Dancing with light
2. Vik Muniz: Art with wire, sugar, chocolate and string
3. Alexa Meade: Your body is my canvas
4. Aparna Rao: Art that craves your attention

TEDxBeirutSalon 8 fully booked

For those who registered, we’re excited to see you there.
For those who didn’t we’ll be live-streaming at this link!

Get the details!

WHERE: Ashkal Alwan in Jisr el Wati (Map to Location) For map haters, the venue is right next to Beirut Art Center & Solea 5 (Parking spaces around the area are limited. We encourage you to carpool)

WHEN: Thursday April 10, 2014 from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm
7:00-8:00 pm – Check-in and Networking
8:00-10:00 pm – Screening of TED talks

WHAT: We’ll screen 3 TED talks and have a discussion and activities around them + We’ll be joined by George Ghafary from Chreek and Ziad Abi Chaker who will share some of their exciting work on upcycling and recycling material.

WHAT ELSE: You’re invited to a reception after the salon to network and mingle around drinks and snacks. You’ll also be able to discover the amazing work being done with recycled material exhibited at the space.

Check-in faster!

Remember to save your ticket on your phone (or print it if you absolutely have to.)

What is a TEDxBeirutSalon?

Our salon is a 2-3 hour event built around TED talks and you. Through TEDxBeirut salons, we aspire to bring the local TED community together until the main TEDxBeirut event later in 2014.

Here is a taste of the seven previous TEDxBeirut salons in pics. Get more info about our past salons here.

ExciTED for this one!
The TEDxBeirut team

Closing speaker callout registration

A big thank you to those who applied or nominated a potential speaker. We’re going through the applications, so stay tuned! We’re closing registration but keeping the link open to those who want to show their interest in speaking at future events.

From Lebanon and TEDxBeirut to the World, the First Talk in Arabic Posted on the Official Website

I’m denied the right to speak my language in my own country
من لبنان وتيد أكس بيروت إلى العالم، أول حديث باللغة العربية يعرض على الموقع العالمي الرسمي
سوزان تلحوق: مين قال إذا حكينا عربي منبطل كول؟

Read about it on the TED blog

Thank you to everyone who attended TEDxBeirutSalon 7!

A change in perspective is often transformative.
Especially in a country that needs this most.

Touching stories were shared by the TEDxBeirut community at TEDxBeirutSalon 7 at MINUS5. Stories where a change in perspective inspired personal transformations, social projects, and a drive for
positive change.

Team Lebanon shared behind-the-scenes glimpses of their latest journeys… How the literal perspective from the highest summits—of the ‘Oceania & Australian continents—transforms you…
And how their journey back tempted death.

Segundo Bloco teleported the audience two continents away,
with their Afro-Brazilian beats.

Catch up on these TED talks from the Salon:
Rory Sutherland: Perspective is everything
Raghava KK: Shake up your story

See the pictures of TEDxBeirutSalon 7 on Facebook and Flickr

Read more about it on our blog
Check out the Segundo Bloco perfomance here

Behind the Scenes

It takes great people working months behind the scenes to pull off a great show. And this year, we’re thrilled to be joined by many new and talented faces who answered our volunteer callouts. The making of TEDxBeirut III begins right here…

Watch the 6-minute teaser of the TEDxBeirut 2012 main event

TEDxBeirut 2012 main event: All the Magic Worth Spreading, Now Online

There are 18 gifts to the world in our bag of gifts this year, and we’re sharing them online, one every day, as one memorable year comes to an end and another exciting one begins.

World Arabic Language Day

١٨ ديسمبر: اليوم العالمي للغة العربية

سوزان تلحوق: مين قال إذا حكينا عربي منبطل “كول“؟

اتخذت سوزان تلحوق مبادرة إحياء اللغة العربية بأسلوب شبابي إبداعي معاصر. يتمحور الخطاب حول كيفية إحياء اللغة العربية، وشرح الأسباب التي تدفعنا الى الحفاظ عليها، والأهم كيف نتحول من شباب مستهلك لكل شيء بما فيها اللغة الى شباب منتج ومبدع بلغته يستهلك ما يريد لا بل يختار بحذر ما يستهلكه.

A Magical Hat-trick

3 Spectacular Sessions.

18 Unique Speakers and Performers.

1,200 Amazing Audience Members.

We’re under the spell of it all and in awe of everyone who made it happen. Every part was well played, and every piece fell right in place on November 17th to make this dream event a magical day for TEDxBeirut.

Thank You to everyone who made this day happen.

Live Illustrations of TEDxBeirut Speakers by Karim Al-Dahdah

Zeina Saab


Sareen Akarjalian


Hani Asfour

Visualizing "All we need is" Answers

Visualization of “All we need is” answers by TEDsters who registered to TEDxBeirut 2012.

Information design and layout: Joumana Ibrahim
Illustrations and layout: Imad Gebrayel
Photography: 50% Nadim Kamel, 50% You


An Awesome Day in Beirut

“What a peaceful, imaginative, inspirational, creative, passionate, thought provoking and all around awesome day in Beirut…. yes, Beirut! Thank you TEDx Beirut!” — Mary Henningsen via Facebook


Loved Every Minute

“Well Done!!! You all outdone yourselves! Hats off to Patsy Z and every member in the leadership team! Loved every minute of it…” —Ali Shami via Facebook


All The Way From LA

“Livestreamed from LA, it was impeccable! The quality of the talks, the organization, the creativity of the social spaces, the dynamic with the audience, and your passion that came across in the loveliest way possible- music!” —Rasha Hamze via Facebook

TEDxBeirutSalon 6: Our most beautiful salon yet, and we'd be lying if we just said a Full House

Set in an old renovated Library, our TEDxBeirutSalon at the Youth and Culture Center in Zouk Mikael took off to a world of ideas and conversations coming to life outside the book pages and the library shelves greeting our 300-attendee-strong audience… We’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Food For Thought

Our TEDxBeirut 2012 speakers auditions leave us so far with much to reflect upon, as we take in the sheer range of vibrant ideas that have made their way to our stage. As proudly as these ideas shared with us their inspiring worth, we look forward to unleash them to the world at our main TEDxBeirut event in November as ideas worth sharing.

TEDxBeirutSalon 5 in Tripoli: A Great Success! Against All Odds.

Together with Tripoli coordinators, we dreamt big when we set out to organize a TEDxBeirut salon in Tripoli. We looked past the limits, and the result was amazing; an enthusiastic crowd, anticipating with a warm welcome, which set the tone for the best TEDxBeirutSalon ever.

The salon unfolded with amazing energy, sweeping through the venue and hopefully beyond its walls. The inspiring presence of Hala Fadel, who usually leaves us at a loss for words, reminded us all that optimistic avenues can find their way in difficult circumstances.

Yes, TEDxBeirutSalon in Tripoli was undoubtedly the best so far, and we thank the lovely Tripoli community for making it such a success, against all odds. This salon will hold a special place in our collective memory, and we like to believe that the best is yet to come.

TEDxBeirut Blog: From Limitation to Inspiration to Action

The first TEDxBeirutSalon in 2012 was a success!

Besides the ‘wire trip-over’ incident at the beginning – as I was later informed that someone actually stepped on the sound cable and accidentally broke the transmission – the rest was pure brain candy.

First, there was the crowd, chatting and buzzing in anticipation. Then…

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