Another Night, Another Exciting Salon At TEDxBeirutSalon 9!

We had an inspired salon mixing language and art at Sfeir-Semler Gallery on Wednesday, June 11.

The running exhibition by Mounira El Solh’s All Mother Tongues Are Difficult became part of our inspiration for this salon and its theme #justsayin’

You can check out our salon photos and see if you can spot anyone familiar on Facebook or Flickr.

You can also watch the TED talks we screened and join the online conversation:
Performance: “Robert Gupta & Joshua Roman: On violon and cello, Passacaglia

The First Talk In Arabic Posted On The Official Website

“I’m denied the right to speak my language in my own country”

من لبنان وتيد أكس بيروت إلى العالم، أول حديث باللغة العربية يعرض على الموقع العالمي الرسمي
سوزان تلحوق: مين قال إذا حكينا عربي منبطل كول؟

Read about it on the TED blog

Thank You To Everyone Who Attended TEDxBeirutSalon 8!

Set in a wonderful arts education and presentation space, this salon tried to challenge our audience’s perspective about Art and Design and their power to transform common scenes from everyday life.
With 4 TED Talks screened around Art, a couple of interactive activities building on the talks, and 2 live speakers sharing their design work in upcycling and recycling common material, there’s an abundance of ideas in this salon that pushed the envelope of what’s pos…

Behind The Scenes

It takes great people working months behind the scenes to pull off a great show. And this year, we’re thrilled to be joined by many new and talented faces who answered our volunteer callouts. The making of TEDxBeirut III begins right here…

World Arabic Language Day

١٨ ديسمبر: اليوم العالمي للغة العربية

سوزان تلحوق: مين قال إذا حكينا عربي منبطل “كول“؟

اتخذت سوزان تلحوق مبادرة إحياء اللغة العربية بأسلوب شبابي إبداعي معاصر. يتمحور الخطاب حول كيفية إحياء اللغة العربية، وشرح الأسباب التي تدفعنا الى الحفاظ عليها، والأهم كيف نتحول من شباب مستهلك لكل شيء بما فيها اللغة الى شباب منتج ومبدع بلغته يستهلك ما يريد لا بل يختار بحذر ما يستهلكه.

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