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Christopher Littlefield:

What do you want to be acknowledged for?

What he does: Develops workshops, trainings, and personal performance coaching services geared to help teams and individuals develop the critical skills and self-awareness needed to produce extraordinary results at work and at home.
Where he works: He is the founder of AcknowledgmentWorks, a training and consulting firm committed to transforming the way that people work together.
Awesome accomplishment: Over the last four years, he has conducted over 350 street interviews around the globe trying to understand the human experience of giving and receiving recognition.
Random fact: Christopher has run the Beirut and Paris Marathon in the past year.
The talk: Recognition: How people are generally not used to it, don’t know how to deal with it, and have trouble accepting it. Helping people identify what they want to be recognized for and thus promote better communication and relationships at the work place, in families, and generally in all and any situation.

All we need is Authenticity.


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