ASHEKMAN: Self made, Self paid - صنعنا نفسنا بنفسنا


Dima Boulad: Greening Gray Beirut - بيروت من الرمادي للأخضر


FZ (Fayez Zouheiry): The Human Beatbox

Habib Battah:Welcome To Lebanon


Imad Gemayel: Why Architecture Must Convert


Jihad Kawas: Why School Is Not Ready For Us

Karim Khneisser: Music For Words


Kimberly Samaha: Living Face to Face


LIVE LACTIC CULTURE (LABAN): Live Improv Theatre - مسرح ارتجالي

Lubna Izziddin: A Beautiful Death - موت جميل


Majdi Saad: Learn to Eat The Sun - تعلم كيف تاكل الشمس


Nabil Hassan: My Story of Change - قصتي مع التغيير

Roy Armale: Easy is Boring. Make It Difficult


Sarah Hermez:Free Education Is In Fashion


Wissam Yafi: Getting Smart About Learning

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