Ali M. Jaber: The Global Classroom


Andrew Bossone: Transform Together


Katia Saleh: Beyond the cedar tree and the Lebanese cuisine

Hassan Aziz: Reawaken Fascination


Yorgui Teyrouz: Transforming a Tragedy


Gilbert Doumit: Political Entrepreneurship

Halim Madi: A piece of advice to the president of the world


Najat Rizk: The day I challenged the forbidden


Tammam Yamout: Addressing Beirut

Hala Fadel: God is an entrepreneur


Daniel Habib & Tony Oudaimy: Warrior


Joanna Choukeir: Imagination Studio: Co-creation for social integration

Bassam Jalgha: Why can't we have our own NASA?


Mahmoud Natout: Inviting a third


Dr. Farid Younes: Why I stopped looking for answers

Arne Dietrich: Surfing the Stream of Consciousness: Tales from the Hallucination Zone


Michael Kouly: Obvious Lessons I learned the hard way


Reine Abbas: I chose "C"

Ziad Abichaker: A garbage love story


Mazen Hajjar: And then there was beer...


Liliane Chlela & Clara Sfeir: Euphonic Discordance

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